It’s mid-January, we’ve been back in the office for two weeks, and Christmas already seems nothing but a distant memory (except the remainder of a mountain of biscuits and chocolate in our cupboards at home!).

The festive season is without a doubt one of the busiest times of years for retailers, and it feels as though Christmas is getting forced upon us earlier and earlier each year. It’s a much-anticipated time for brands, and a fantastic opportunity to get creative and engage with customers, but after so much preparation for the big event, what happens once it’s all over?

January is often described as the gloomiest month of the year, with many of us returning to work, cold weather, trying to stick to our New Year’s resolutions (failing miserably!), and not to mention making a months pay stretch that little bit further. Which means big brands and independents are having to work a little bit harder to get us into their business and part with our hard earned cash.

One concept that retailers are jumping on, which you may have seen all over social media, is the idea of a ‘Blue January’. We’re all being encouraged to ‘beat the January blues’ by whatever means we feel necessary, be it with a half price gym membership, revamping our wardrobe or a brand new laptop. Online retailers like ASOS and Missguided are capitalising on our need to keep our New Year’s resolutions by using their fitness ranges as the focal point on their homepages in a bid to drive up sales.

‘Blue Monday’ is commonly believed to be the ‘most depressing day of the year’, however this itself was actually a marketing campaign by holiday firm Sky Travel, in a bid to entice us all to book a ‘much needed break’ through the firm.

As a business, have you thought about developing a campaign to capitalise on the blues of January 2018? If not, come and speak to us and we’ll get our creative heads on for you!

Posted: 13/01/2017

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