If you’re anything like us you will have an inbox full of marketing emails. Some that you want and others that you wonder how on earth have reached you. How do you interact with these emails? Do you delete or unsubscribe?

As a marketer, you want people to open and read your emails with interest – but this isn’t easy to achieve. There are so many ways to interact with your customers online and email is just one element, but the key to all methods is to really understand your customer and what they want to know. So many organisations have data that has never been cleansed or segmented and this could be why you and your customers are getting emails you don’t want.

If you can accurately segment your data and target email content to relevant data groups you stand a good chance of increasing your open rates and avoiding people hitting delete.

Consider sending an ‘Update your details’ email where people can select their interests. Set up groups for each of these and only send people within this data set emails about that interest…and don’t forget that a little bit of personalisation goes a long way!

By organising your data into relevant segments you will be making a great start into improving your email marketing and then you can look at how this can work more effectively with your overall digital marketing strategy.

Posted: 10/06/2016

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