Do you know that moment?

The one where you are watching a reality TV show and you’re completely taken aback when someone’s raw talent takes you totally by surprise.

That moment when someone opens their mouth to unexpectedly reveal the sweetest voice, or turns out to be able to juggle a dozen cricket balls while dancing the foxtrot.

At Lime, we know all about nurturing talent – it’s something we have been doing for more than a decade. During that time, we have developed and maintained contact with hundreds of individuals brim-full with flair and skill, people who can do anything from providing family entertainment at private parties and weddings, to events experiences and conferences – and all points in between.

Sometimes our clients’ requirements might be just one or two people, on other occasions it can run to dozens.

But whatever the size of the event, the venues and agents who work with Lime’s super-slick crews are always sure of unrivalled service and unparalleled talent.

They can also be sure that they are booking confident, outgoing people with an intuitive ability to adapt to the requirements of any event or function, whatever the environment or audience. Our crew pride themselves on being innovative, creative and friendly – professional and polished people with a proven track record.

And because of our long-standing relationship, crew naturally evolve to become part of the wider Lime ‘family’ which means, from the point of first contact to booking, issues such as briefing them on activity and arriving at value-for-money costs against budget are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Which means if you’re organising an event, you’re able to concentrate on what you do best without the worry of where the people are going to come from.

We are proud of the wide and disparate talents amongst our crews, which allows us – whatever the event or venue – to pull together a tailor-made response. The talent of our teams is inherited by very few people, which means we know we can put our hands on our hearts and say: “Lime’s Got Talent.”

We manage talented entertainers for all kinds of events. For more information on how we can help you contact Sarah on

Posted: 05/01/2019

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