The dark nights are creeping up on us and we’ve contemplated putting the heating on, which means that summer has officially come to an end.

After an incredibly busy few months supporting the McDonald’s ‘good times’ campaign, we’ve finally found the time to sit back (don’t worry, not for long!) and reflect on the agency’s successful summer.

This summer was one of our busiest yet, delivering over 1,100 experiential events, across two programmes, nationwide. As you can imagine we’ve clocked up some miles and you may have spotted our brightly coloured good times vans on your travels (they are quite hard to miss).

The campaign marked the first time that McDonald’s had gone out of restaurant with their experiential marketing, so we were very excited to be part of that.

Armed with McFlurry ball pits, an inflatable human football table and lots of goodies to give away, we turned up at parks and beaches across the UK unannounced, to bring some unexpected fun to the Great British public. Of course we knew we couldn’t rely on the British weather, so we had ‘Big Mac Rain Macs’ to give away and stop the rain from ruining our fun! We also had lots of fun games and prizes to give away in McDonald’s restaurants, giving customers a memorable experience.

One of our favourite highlights from the campaign was seeing the good times advert come on television for the first time, featuring our very own account executive, Patsy, and the good times squad. After being so heavily involved in the campaign, from its creation right through to delivery, it was very surreal to see this on our TV screens at home.

There may have been some challenges along the way but we really enjoyed working on this exciting new campaign and learnt a lot. Keep your eye out for exciting agency news on future campaigns!

Posted: 23/09/2016

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