Anything and everything is reviewed online these days – from fashion to funeral directors and all points in between.

We’re all critics, with the ability to add to the groundswell of opinion about services or products, good or bad.

These critiques are often instantaneous, but can also have a long shelf life. Think write-ups about hotels or a meal out on Trip Advisor or similar.

Score a great review and you can be home and hosed. But if you’re on the end of a negative post, things can quickly go from bad to worse. So, getting things right first time – all the time – is vital.

At the heart of this is the interaction between an organisation and its customers. This covers many sectors, but restaurants are a particularly good example of how first-rate training in key areas can have an impact on reputation – and on the bottom line.

Restaurants continue to be a huge player in the economy. The hospitality industry is the fourth biggest employer in the UK, and restaurants are the largest sub sector of that.

And the key to success for those restaurants are their staff. These are the people who are the face of the industry, delivering a great experience and excellent service in what is often a very pressured environment. The trick, of course, is maintaining the highest level of standards to ensure that customers do not only enjoy their visit, but that they return time and again.

Teamwork is key. From the initial meet and greet to keeping the conversation flowing, helpfulness, friendliness, quick and efficient service (and of course, great food), the staff are there at every turn of the customer journey. And the bumps in the road – those tricky situations which are bound to arise in the industry, no matter how good the restaurant, require appropriate training for the staff if they are to be dealt with, and if a negative customer is to be turned into a positive one.

The team at Lime is steeped in understanding the challenges that restaurant staff face and how best to deal with them which, ultimately, helps great restaurants get even better. In fact, we’ve just launched Hospitality Heroes, delivering the highest quality, bespoke training for restaurant staff based on our years of hands-on experience. The training is comprehensive, meaning customers leave feeling they have received personal care and attention, genuine interest has been shown in them and that no stone has been left unturned in terms of customer service and attention to detail.

All of which doesn’t just mean you have a happy customer, but you have an ambassador for your restaurant too.

We’d love to show you how we’ve done it for others – and how we can do it for you. To out more about Lime and our training offering, please contact Patsy Parr: or 07825 064494.



At Lime, we take the time to listen and understand our clients, their challenges and their worlds. Working extensively in the training space, we have an innate understanding of the issues facing the restaurant sector.

Our specialist teams are experts who combining know-how with creativity and flair, we don’t just communicate what’s happened (although we do that brilliantly!), we develop awareness and perceptions by imagining and implementing original ideas and conversations that get clients noticed.

Posted: 10/01/2019

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