Where Public Relations is all about reputation

Bill Gates once famously said: “If I were down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on PR.” At Lime, we think PR is about one thing – your reputation.

That might be the reputation of organisations, individuals, services or products.

And before we do anything on your behalf, we listen to what you want to achieve. Heightened awareness in the media, delivery of messages to your key audiences, exposure in trade press, media training. Wherever you want to start, we work with you to formulate a strategy and plan that will work for you.

Our PR team are former journalists with more than 30 years’ experience on newsdesks and public relations.

Over that time, audiences have become more fragmented – print, broadcast and online – but we know how to reach them, and what to say when we do.

We have unrivalled contacts across the media, which means proactive campaigns (and crisis management too) are second nature to us.

We are also well versed in stakeholder engagement (ask us about what we’ve done), so whatever your requirement, we will be able to help.

Sounds good? Get in touch: getfresh@limemcp.co.uk