Opinions across the nation have been divided recently, especially with the Brexit vote, but at the moment everyone’s talking about Pokémon Go – despite whether they love it or hate it!

The mobile game, which essentially involves chasing imaginary characters around the real world, has been described by some as the first step towards virtual reality gaming, possibly giving us an insight into gaming of the future.

Stories of Pokémon Go are all over the internet, with the New York Post reporting a woman has even quit her job to dedicate her time to the game (we wouldn’t recommend it)! On the opposite end of the scale, people are taking to posting videos on social media to vent their frustration at the game – which we must admit are quite amusing.

The game is not just dividing public opinion, but has caused a wide-spread debate with marketing professionals and businesses. Pokémon Go has been praised on Campaign Live for its use of augmented reality with Google’s mapping data, and McDonalds has now become the first brand to advertise on Pokémon Go, paying to see 3,000 of its restaurants in Japan become ‘Pokémon gyms’ in the virtual reality game. Pokémon Go’s developer, Niantic, will be hoping that other brands will follow suit with advertising. But not everyone is as excited about the game, with some marketers describing it as ‘a fad destined to burn out quickly’.

Pokémon Go has been a topic of discussion in the Lime office over the last week or so, with one or two of team admitting to playing the game. We may not all be glued to our phones running around the local park looking for imaginary characters just yet, but we are intrigued to see the future of Pokémon Go.

Posted: 29/07/2016

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