This week Twitter announced that over the next couple of months we will be saying goodbye to its video-sharing service, Vine.

The well-loved app, which at its peak had over 100 million people watching videos every month, allowed users to share six second looping video clips on social media. Vine became very popular, especially for clips of football celebrations, embaressing celebrity slip-ups and of course funny animals!

The world of social media is rapidly evolving, and unfortunately for Vine, its users haven’t remained loyal in recent years. With the introduction of Facebook Live videos, Periscope and Boomerang, users are becoming spoilt for choice!

But users don’t need to panic, Twitter has promised to give plenty of notice to the closure so that people can download their Vines before the app dissappears for good.

It certainly won’t be the same scrolling through our Twitter feeds, but it will be interesting to see how other apps and platforms respond.

Posted: 28/10/2016

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