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What springs to mind when you think about Wimbledon? Henman Hill – perhaps? Strawberries and cream – probably? Queuing? Most definitely!

Lining up for entrance to the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC) is as iconic and traditional an image as rain stopping play or the sight of champions kissing trophies. The rows of people are so notorious they have more than one (unofficial) Twitter account dedicated to them, and black and white photographs dating back to 1913 have been printed which show tennis lovers, from over 100 years ago, lining up for tickets. According to newspaper reports current Wimbledon boss, Richard Lewis, has said that despite technological advancements the current queueing system won’t be changing any time soon.

However, as reported by Campaign Live (check out the original article here: https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/wimbledon-wants-its-experience-start-queue/1589836), bosses want the Wimbledon experience to start in the queue. This year, guests have seen the presentation of historic moments from the tournament as well as partner brand activations from the likes of HSBC and American Express – all whilst forming part of the human ‘chains’.

Harry Kerr, marketing manager at the AELTC, told Campaign: “I think it’s important that when spectators arrive into the queue that we, as early as possible, start to enhance and give them the Wimbledon experience. It’s about drumming up the excitement…and letting them know this isn’t just going to be a mundane queuing experience.”

Brits respect the queue and its conventions but we don’t actually enjoy queueing. As our fabricated but steeped-in-reality figure shows a long queue will sap enjoyment and lead to frustration from even the happiest of chappies/chappettes. Summer is looming and, alongside Wimbledon, it tends to bring to mind many images of standing in line – theme parks, festivals, safari parks and airports. Queuing is often, after-all, inevitable. On a nice sunny day, we all race to the log flume at our nearest theme park and everyone needs to use the loo during a 3-day festival.

So back to our original question, can an experience be enhanced by a queue? Well, we think so.

By introducing relevant and interesting entertainment during times when you know your guests will have to queue, you can provide them with a positive experience. What’s more they will be even more impressed because they were dreading standing around, and then you did something exciting that they weren’t expecting.

As a leading West Midlands-based Experiential Marketing agency, we are experts in promotional stunts and customer experiences. We can also provide a host of walkabout entertainment and, as the UK licensing agents for emoji®, character-led programmes. It can relieve the burden of boredom for young and old alike, is a chance to raise brand awareness and can inject some personality and fun into an otherwise mundane experience.

Lime can help bring your brand to life…even in the queue.

Feel free to contact Sarah on 01572 888991 or sarahm@limemcp.co.uk. But please, form an orderly queue……


Posted: 12/07/2019

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