Shopping during lockdown

Throughout the UK lockdown, research has indicated that our habits as consumers may be changing. I’m sure you’ve seen the rhetoric… ordering online, home delivery and home entertainment have become norm and our homes have very much become our castles.

Lime Marketing’s Insight team has of course been following the research, sifting through the mountain of data to distil key learnings and thought provoking comment for our clients. Our blogs can be found at: But we think there are one or two gaps in the research; specifically, three questions still to be asked…

  1. If, and how we have used the services of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) during lockdown?

Anecdotally, we know that small businesses such as grocers, farm shops, bakers and convenience stores have innovated delivery services, and supported elderly customers with essential supplies and regular visits. But how as consumers, have we reacted to these innovations? Have they had a long-term impact on our relationship with these companies?

  1. How have we experienced the response that charities have put in place during lockdown, and how has this impacted on our perceptions of them, if at all?

We’ve seen how charities have supported vulnerable groups, for example with The Red Cross supporting elderly people and the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) putting animal care courses online for children. But very little research has been undertaken into how these have been received by their audiences.

Finally, Lime Insight has identified that all of the surveys we’ve seen have been quantitative, giving us a host of percentages. While this is understandable, given that surveys have been conducted by telephone, you lose a sense of the human experiences as they’re overshadowed by statistical data. Now is the time for a more qualitative approach. So our final question is simply…

  1. What is your lockdown story, in their own words?

To help address these gaps we’re conducting a survey to help SMEs and charities engage with their customers, service users, supporters and donors as restrictions continue to lift, building on the relationships they’ve developed during lockdown.  And of course, the survey has lots of qualitative questions for respondents to describe their lockdown experiences. We’d love you to take part.

The survey is completely anonymous and you must be over eighteen and live in the UK to participate; and feel free to message the link to friends and family and discuss your responses.

Findings will be published on the Lime Marketing website and on our social media, so just keep checking back to see how we get on. Most importantly, you will be helping SMEs and charities bounce back from the lockdown.

Simply click here to participate. Thank you.

Posted: 03/08/2020

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