It’s been a summer full of highs and lows if you’re a football fan, and, as Euro 2016 comes to an end this weekend, marketing departments of key brands will be frantically analysing their successes.

You will have all seen an increase in marketing and social media activity from brands such as Orange, Carlsberg, Mars and Paddy Power – but just how much impact does this have on their activity? According to Marketing Week, Orange have come out on top with their successful levels of engagement during the Euros, which, given their lack of activity in the UK market, could be seen as a surprising result to some.

With the continually changing marketing landscape, there is a need for brands to look more towards campaigns that engage with audiences across multiple platforms. It is common place to be watching the football on your TV with your twitter feed on your phone, making marketers have to think harder about how they create a campaign.

Things to consider:

  1. Target audience: As the nation’s favourite sport, consideration needs to be given to appealing to a range of age groups, both males and females and those who don’t follow football normally but like to watch their national team. Each of these audiences will engage in different ways on different medias so this can require some strategic thinking.
  2. Consistency: taking into account the above, whatever or wherever your campaign is running you need to keep things consistent and recognisable to maximise the impact.
  3. Humour: It never hurts to add a bit of personality, just make sure it is appropriate for your audiences!


Sponsors who associate themselves with a team also need to be mindful that their success rates could be dependent on the success of the team – but this might be a risk worth taking…Wales’ sponsors might just have seen in increase in their return on investment.

Posted: 08/07/2016

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