Cirencester Housing issued a brief aimed at modernising and refining its brand and redefining its relationship with tenants and residents – and firmly differentiating themselves within their market place.

The organisation – a long-established housing association providing social housing in and around the town – felt in need of a new vision and to define what ‘brand’ meant for them, both externally and internally.

On appointment, the Lime team embarked on an engagement programme with a range of different stakeholders, including Cirencester Housing’s tenants, to thoroughly understand the current sentiment within the organisation. This included focus groups and ‘soak’ sessions to tease out the essence of the Cirencester Housing offering and ethos, and to develop a genuine two-way engagement with their audience.

By developing a programme based on listening and structured communication, the work resulted in the identification of a more progressive vision with supporting brand values and definitions.

These were then used to assist in the shaping of new business objectives in addition to the development of a new marketing communications plan that is being rolled out to all stakeholders.

The result is a more focused and cohesive sense of purpose and identity within the organisation, a more positive appearance and engaging relationship with their tenants, a new position in their locality that moves them to the forefront as a progressive provider of affordable rural housing.