Luminus Housing manage over 7,500 homes across Cambridgeshire, and following a merger earlier this year now have a portfolio of 195,000 homes nationwide.

When they faced an issue in terms of gas compliance, they needed to act quickly to provide a robust response to media, but also to reassure residents. Lime acted as the frontline response for enquiries, ensuring all responses were conducted promptly and efficiently, but also ensuring they chimed with the wider ‘tone of voice’ of the organisation.

On the back of this work, Lime was commissioned on a broader public relations remit, including assessing how the stories had impacted perceptions about the organisation and to advise on how this was best communicated to a range of stakeholders, and how to best manage this in terms of positioning the organisation as a whole.

Our approach included developing a timeline of impact, preparing positioning documents and drafting open letters for the housing association’s customers to ensure they were fully engaged and informed throughout the process.