Social care depends upon the dedication and resilience of its workforce, but the sector is in the midst of a recruitment crisis. High staff turnover, an increasing need for social care and 900+ people a day leaving the sector mean that the demand for passionate, quality candidates far out-strips supply.

Our client, Outcomes First Group (OFG), is a leading provider of specialist education and care to children, young people and adults with autism, complex needs, learning disabilities and social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH). Their wide range of services are delivered under the banner of two sub-brands (Options and Hillcrest) and are spread across the UK, adding to their recruitment challenge. OFG’s people are the foundation of the Group’s success, sharing in the values, skills, expertise and passion to inspire and care for those they support.

OFG asked Lime to help them develop a recruitment strategy to:

Lime began with blended insight to create an in-depth understanding of recruitment within social care – from the perspective of both the candidates and the recruiters. We then undertook a staff survey to focus on and capture the attributes that are particular to OFG.

Based on key learnings, we developed a recruitment strategy that worked with the Group’s brand architecture. This strategy included a campaign structure, candidate profiles and journey, clear market positioning, key messages, a strong tone of voice and a distinct creative blueprint.

Thanks to our strategic approach, OFG’s now has a distinct position as an employer of choice with messaging that appeals to the right candidates, be they already in social care or are new to the career. The resulting toolkit of templates and materials, which recognise the value that OFG place on their people and the significant contribution that staff make to the lives of others, enable OFG to respond quickly and effectively to vacancies as the Group continues to grow.