Using Social Media as a powerful tool to grow business

Modern companies understand that social media is a powerful tool for their business.  However, not everyone uses it to its best advantage.  At Lime, we are experts in making social media work for you.


The advantages of companies developing and implementing a social media strategy are numerous. One disadvantage can be the time and resource needed to handle all your social media properly, but thinking about what you want social to do for your business can help you decide on the best approach to take.


And that’s where we come in. Whether you want to boost website traffic, engage better with your audience, enhance your reputation or just boost sales, social media can help. Our agency team takes a strategic approach by helping you define your audience, what you want to say to them and how best to reach them. By using the right mix of platforms, you can increase your visibility – but you need compelling and creative content too.


That content can help boost traffic to your website, which in turn can bring leads and sales.


Not only is the Lime agency team great at developing content – blogs, campaigns, posts, photography – we’ll also help you analyse what’s working best for you to ensure activity is as cost-effective as possible.


Social media can prove much better value than traditional advertising (even paid-for boosts don’t cost much) and you’ll be able to quickly build relationships and loyalty.


Sounds good but don’t know where to start? We do.


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